10 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500

For quite a long time, bookshelf speakers have been a basic piece of the household. Back in the days, you would coordinate them with the furniture in your home. Presently, you may need the speakers to supplement your work area or the high-goals video gear you claim. At one point speakers were nearly supplanted by business work area speakers or smaller speaker sets in the normal family units. Dread not, bookshelf speakers have been making a major rebound lately. Also, we may concur that their sound quality is unmatched.

As the title suggests, we are here with our list of best bookshelf speakers under 500$. We are going to clear your confusion and concerns about bookshelf speakers, so keep reading.

10 Best Bookshelf Speakers – Quality Sound on a Budget

These are bookshelf speakers under 500 bucks, involving 10 astonishing models. They offer long periods of listening delight and won’t wear out your wallet.

1. Edifier R2000DB

Edifier R2000DB
  • Connects to any device having a 3.5mm headphone output
  • Allows you to switch input sources & control volume
  • Lossless digital connection from your TV, DVD/blu-ray player
  • Bluetooth availability
  • Remote control skilled
  • Two sources of info
  • Cons
  • Worked in 120W intensifier per speaker
  • The sound quality may not fulfill some audiophiles
  • The speakers are somewhat substantial
  • The Edifier R2000DBs has incredible blending choices. The Bluetooth network enables them to be effectively snared to any cell phone or PC. They are named as close field screens, so you may utilize them in your little home studio. Also, the R2000DBs have optical information. This enables you to associate different gadgets with an advanced yield to your speakers. The speakers pair well with gaming consoles, beneficiaries, TV boxes, and other comparable gadgets.

    These speakers are dynamic, each controlled by an inherent 120W RMS intensifier. They offer two assistant information sources so you can have two gadgets connected at once. There’s a remote control that makes exchanging inputs and changing volume extremely advantageous. The producer allows a two-year guarantee in the US and Canada. What’s more, you can get these amazing speakers in piano dark or pecan finish.

    2. KEF Q100

    KEF Q100
    • Features KEF’s Uni-Q driver array
    • 5.25″ inch Uni-Q driver array with a 1″ vented dome tweeter
    • Handles frequencies from 49Hz to 40kHz
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Minimal and lightweight structure
  • World well known KEF Uni-Q driver exhibit
  • Versatile to various situations
  • Cons
  • It is exceptionally elusive any negative parts of these speakers
  • Insufficient low bass from the smallish 5.25″ cones
  • KEF is another outstanding organization. This British organization has been delivering top-notch speakers since the mid-sixties. In their own words, the organization is fixated on high goals. This fixation can be seen in the KEF Q100.

    These speakers are huge enough to suit home theaters and different media arrangements, yet little enough to oblige little territories. The Q100s highlight KEF’s well known Uni-Q driver. The Uni-Q driver cone is made of a magnesium/aluminum combination. These drivers depend on KEF’s better quality speakers, so you can expect low contortion and all the way open sound from the KEF Q100.

    3. Micca PB42X

    Micca PB42X
    • High performance silk dome tweeter
    • Ported enclosure delivers extended bass response
    • Highly optimized crossover for open sound
  • Dynamic speakers
  • Conservative and lightweight
  • Extraordinary audio imaging
  • Truly moderate
  • Awesome for various listening purposes
  • Cons
  • Can just interface with each gadget in turn
  • Not audiophile-grade
  • Each Micca PB42X highlights a silk vault tweeter and a carbon fiber woofer. The PB42X’s are dynamic bookshelf speakers with implicit intensifiers. The speaker walled in areas is ported to expand the bass reaction and limit contortion. Vocals originating from these speakers are clear and exact. The implicit low-twisting intensifier offers an even reaction on the two channels.

     These speakers are an extraordinary incentive for the cash. The Micca PB42Xs are likewise smaller and lightweight. Their size, impartial plan, and sound quality might be an extraordinary choice for most home arrangements. Since these are dynamic speakers, you can interface them to for all intents and purposes any gadget that has an earphone audio out or line-level audio yields.

    4. Polk Audio S20

    Polk Audio S20
    • Compatibility with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 setups
    • New Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array
    • Compatible with latest Dolby and DTS surround sound technologies
  • Reduced and reasonable for various arrangements
  • Great segment designing
  • An incredible incentive for cash
  • Cons
  • These precise speakers may require an equalizer on the off chance that you lean toward the overwhelming sound
  • Polk Audio is one more outstanding American organization that has practical experience in great speakers. The Polk Audio S20s are among their mid-run bookshelf speakers. They are intended to suit your media room or little home theater. The S20s highlight polypropylene woofers, terylene tweeters, and Polk power ports. The mix of these highlights gives them amazing sound properties.

    The high frequencies are extremely clear, the bass is punchy, and the sound is exact with wide power range. These attributes give the Polk S20s extraordinary acoustic equalization. You shouldn’t have any issues associating these speakers to your audio framework. They are genuinely touchy at 88dB which enables them to function admirably even with less ground-breaking speakers. The plan of the speakers is all-inclusive and they have a thin profile. The removable flame broils are intended for hostile to diffraction to not influence the sound when you tune in with the barbecues on.

    5. ELAC B6.2

    ELAC B6.2
    • New Woven Aramid-Fiber woofer
    • New cabinets for easier placement
    • Frequency Response: 44Hz – 35000Hz
  • The extraordinary incentive for cash
  • Magnificent sound quality
  • Conservative and adaptable structure
  • Improved structure of the audio components
  • Cons
  • Just one completion alternative (dark cinder)
  • ELAC has been doing business much longer than Klipsch, the organization opened in 1926. This German brand has effectively advanced into outstanding amongst other greetings filmmakers with over 90 years of history. The B6.2 is one of their leaders in the new debut arrangement of speakers. These speakers are generally little and conservative. They come in dark cinder finish with a basic dark barbecue, so the speakers would effectively mix with your media arrangement or home studio. The parts fused into the B6.2 speak to a redesign from the past arrangement.

    Likewise, these speakers got a great deal of basic praise because of their stunning sound quality. The B6.2s accomplish their mark sound from the one of a kind mix of acoustic components. The woven woofers are delicate, made of aramid-fiber, and convey fresh bass with a particular mutilation free punch. There is a vented port under the woofer for broadened low frequencies. The tweeters are little, yet they include a waveguide which takes into account more extensive scattering – the final product is more extensive soundstage and better imaging. On the off chance that you are eager to go through some more cash, yet at the same time remain inside the financial backing, consider getting a subwoofer from a similar arrangement to get a full-go speaker framework.

    6. Bose 301-V

    Bose 301-V
    • Bass reflex design for high impact
    • Automatic protection circuitry prevents drivers
    • Works with sources of 10 150 watts
  • Direct/Reflecting innovation
  • Present-day exquisite plan
  • Similarly great all alone and as a piece of a bigger framework
  • Cons
  • Not all that good highs
  • To some degree poor powerful range
  • The 301-V speakers from Bose arrive in an advantageous level structure which fits effectively on any rack. They’re accessible in dark with present-day styling and woodgrain finish. The speakers sport the traditional two-path design, with a long outing 8″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter. These speakers are similarly at home without anyone else or as a piece of a bigger diversion framework. On the off chance that you intend to utilize them with your home theater framework, they are reasonable for use as left, focus, and right speakers (you can purchase a solitary 301-V for focus). The 301-V can likewise be joined to one of Bose’s Lifestyle frameworks.

    The prescribed power sources are 10 to 150 watts. The collector or enhancer ought to have the option to drive 4ω loads with no dependability issues. These speakers convey a verbalized midrange and solid bass, yet not all that excellent high frequency. The 301-V highlights Direct/Reflecting innovation which mixes the immediate and reflected sound. Along these lines why the speakers can convey an exhibition like the sound at a live show. They additionally include programmed insurance hardware which ensures the drivers don’t get overdriven.

    7. Yamaha NS-6490

    Yamaha NS-6490
    • 8 woofer/ a 4 midrange/ a 0.75 dome tweeter
    • 45Hz to 23Khz frequency response range
    • Magnetically shielded to suit home theater applications
  • Can deal with a lot of intensity
  • Truly dependable
  • Solid MDF cupboards
  • Cons
  • A few clients may discover the tone excessively splendid
  • The bass could be somewhat more grounded and progressively characterized
  •  While most of the bookshelf speakers are two-way, Yamaha’s NS-6490 is a 3-path speaker with three drivers: 8″ woofer, 4″ midrange, and 7/8″ tweeter. The woofer and the midrange are cone drivers, while the tweeter is a metal vault. The suggested ostensible information control for these bookshelf boxes is 70W, while the pinnacle power taking care of is at 140W. They are evaluated at 90dB affectability and 8ω ostensible impedance. The affectability is normal for bookshelf speakers however the 8ω impedance makes them simple to the driver.

     The recurrence reaction range is 45Hz to 23kHz. Sound-wise, these speakers are on the more splendid side of the range. You may need to play around with the EQ. Likewise, you should consider putting resources into a subwoofer on the off chance that you need to play materials with too low bass. The cupboards are made of great MDF and come in dark completion with silver-shaded subtleties to coordinate the metal drivers. These speakers are on the greater side for bookshelf speakers.

    8. Sony SSCS5

    Sony SSCS5
    • 3/4 inches Sony Super Tweeter
    • Optimized Crossover componentry
    • Front Speaker Rated Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Super tweeter reaches up to 50,000Hz
  • Mica-strengthened woofer cones
  • Air-center inductors in the tweeters
  • Cons
  • Somewhat frail low end
  • Can’t play exceptionally boisterous
  • The prominent SSCS5 is evaluated at the most extreme power treatment of 100W and 6ω impedance. The affectability is 87dB (estimated with 2.83V at 1m). While having a super-high recurrence augmentation (50,000Hz), these speakers won’t go beneath 53Hz. This implies an extra subwoofer is required if you need to encounter the low frequencies.

    Sony’s SSCS5 has a place with the economy class. They are 3-way speakers, each highlighting a 5.12″ cone woofer, 0.98″ delicate vault tweeter, and a 0.75″ delicate arch super tweeter. The woofers highlight silicon steel plates and MRC cones, while the tweeters are outfitted with air-center inductors for an increasingly direct sound. The hybrids are equipped with great segments at the cost, including thick winding and quality film condensers. The cupboards are made of MDF. They are ported to broaden the bass and have a dark wooden completion (vinyl facade, not genuine wood). They’re on the smaller side of the size range at 7.12.

    9. Edifier S1000DB Active Speakers

    Edifier S1000DB
    • Switch input sources and control the volume at your figure tips
    • BLUETOOTH 4.0 aptX connectivity
  • Wide assortment of network alternatives
  • Dynamic speakers
  • Jazzy plan
  • Cons
  • Problematic Bluetooth association
  • To some degree low volume
  •  The astounding Edifier S1000DB speakers utilize a great two-path plan with two front aligned drivers. The drivers are introduced at a point, confronting somewhat upwards. This is the thing that speaker makers do trying to adjust the time. Low frequencies travel slower than high frequencies, so on the off chance that they come at you from a similar plane, the high frequencies will show up a little before the lower frequencies. Appropriately time-adjusted speakers will have a progressively intelligible sound in general. The drivers are a 5.5″ woofer and a 1″ titanium arch tweeter.

     The S1000DB is a functioning speaker (with implicit enhancer) and has a scope of association alternatives, including the standard 3.5mm AUX and RCA simple information sources and optical/coaxial advanced data sources. Every one of the information sources is situated on the backboard, alongside bass/volume/treble controls and the on/off switch.

    These speakers are additionally Bluetooth 4.0 empowered for the remote association. The remote control is incorporated with the speakers. The recurrence reaction is 48Hz to 20kHz, which is standard admission for an arrangement without subwoofers or super tweeters. The pinnacle power taking care of is 120 watts. The slick MDF cupboards highlight joined wooden/dark completion. They likewise game slight, transparent flame broils at the front. The general measurements are 8″ (W) x 13.5″ (H) X 10.5″ (D).

    10. Klipsch RP-150M

    Klipsch RP-150M
    • 5.25″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofer
    • 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn
    • MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish
  • The extraordinary form of quality
  • A sound that can wow even in-your-face audiophiles
  • Reduced and versatile to any sound framework
  • Cons
  • Priciest speakers on this rundown
  • They are somewhat overwhelming
  • Klipsch is one of the most established speaker producers. The organization has been around since 1946 and invests wholeheartedly in its grasp on way to deal with the speaker makes. The tender loving care and fastidious designing are reflected in the Klipsch RP-150M. These speakers are a decent mix of conventional style and present-day structure. They come in a pecan finish, just as 3 different completions: cherry, dark, piano dark. Every speaker is a 2-path plan with a direct titanium tweeter and an artistic cone woofer. Similar to the organization’s mark, the tweeter is horn-stacked to give the RP-150M its special Klipsch sound.

     The sound originating from the tweeters is nitty-gritty, clear, and wonderful to the ears. By and large, the sound is the immaculate start to finish. The RP-150Ms are principally intended for home use. They work extraordinary in media rooms and home theaters. The barbecue is attractive so you can without much of a stretch expel it to uncover the delightful copper cone. What’s more, you should make a point to appropriately put them in the space to get the best sound.


    Bookshelf speakers are considerably littler than their floor-standing brethren. That being stated, bookshelf speakers are normally two-way or three-way. This alludes to what number of drivers. 2-way speakers utilize two drivers and one hybrid point, while 3-way speakers utilize three drivers with two hybrid focuses.

     Watts and Ohms  

    A speaker’s capacity taking care of is communicated in watts (W), while the impedance is estimated in ohms (Ω). These are the most widely recognized details you’ll need to understand when purchasing bookshelf (or some other sort of) speakers. Suppose your speakers have a power taking care of the scope of somewhere in the range of 50 and 150 watts.

    All things considered, you should coordinate them with a speaker that is inside range. If the enhancer is appraised more than 150 watts, it doesn’t imply that it will blow your speakers. This will possibly occur on the off chance that you play excessively noisy, so, all things considered, the intensifier is equipped for sending 150W to the speakers and put the speaker drivers in a difficult situation (as a rule the tweeter will go first). Then again, an amp appraised under 50W will be unable to supply enough capacity to your speakers.

    Concerning impedance, it is a proportion of how much current the speakers need. By the laws of material science, if the impedance or obstruction is lower, increasingly current will have the option to move through. Your enhancer must have the option to convey the current to a heap/speaker appraised at a particular impedance. 8 ohm is the standard so you never need to stress on the off chance that you have 8-ohm speakers. In any case, in case you’re purchasing 4-ohm speakers, you need to ensure that your enhancer or beneficiary can deal with the 4-ohm load.


    My rundown of the best bookshelf speakers should give you a superior thought on the most proficient method to update your media framework without spending an excessive amount of cash. Keep in mind that the speakers are just a single piece of the audio framework. The sound room and situating is likewise a basic piece of the framework. You can make a couple of speakers sound night and day diverse by appropriately setting them up in a room.

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