10 Best Table Top Radio’s

Though tabletop radios sound to be a little outdated for this era, not many people are aware that the tabletop radios that are being manufactured these days come with some pretty advanced features. The great thing about these units is that these are compact, hence setting these up is no difficult task. Also, their small size makes them a great choice for both home and office.   

There are various types of radios in the market now. All of which come with different specifications and features. The market these days is so saturated with different brands and models of tabletop radios that choosing the right one for you has become quite a confusing task. Therefore, to make the choice easier for you, we have reviewed the top 10 tabletop radios available in the market.  

We understand that every individual has his taste and budget limit. Hence, we have included both high end and more affordable units in the list. We have also mentioned the pros and cons of each unit. All of these stand out when it comes to features and performance. To know which tabletop radio is best for you, keep reading.  

Prices of Tabletop Radio units  

1. Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV- Best overall  

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV
  • Wireless network compatibility: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wireless connection via your home Wi Fi
  • Power supply: 120V 50/60Hz 60W max
  • Offers a great performance
  • Comes with many connectivity options
  • Has an elegant design
  • Cons
  • It is expensive
  • Bose is one of the most popular brands when it comes to audio products. If you are someone who likes to buy music-related gadgets, then you will be aware that the products of Bose are at the top positions in the market. The Bose Wave Sound Touch Music System also falls in their best products category.  

    Not only does this unit have a great design but it has just the right size that will look good anywhere in your room. The unit has been designed to deliver great sound quality. The audio of this unit is loud, clear and detailed. You will enjoy listening to music on this unit.   

    Though the size of the radio is compact, its performance is still sufficient enough to fill the room with sound. As for the design of the radio, the manufacturers have put in extra though to make it look as elegant as it can. It comes with a convenient, large display that allows the user to see the information displayed even from a distance. Furthermore, the unit comes with an automatic nighttime dimming and adjustable brightness feature.   

    The unit also offers additional wireless playback sources other than AUX, CD, DAB, FM/AM, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The radio button can be changed to radio mode for conventional radio reception. The tuning options include tuning via automatic tuning or manual frequency search. Moreover, good reception is ensured by the power cable. For better reception can be improved by laying it as straight and as long as possible. However, if you are still not satisfied with the reception then you can connect the wire antenna that comes with it.  

    2. Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic- Best features  

    Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic
    • 5 individual escalating volume alarms
    • Built in dual 2. 4/5Ghz external antennas
    • Integrated class D 25 watt digital amplifier
  • Offers a great overall performance
  • Comes with an Oi wireless charging pad
  • Has a very classy design
  • Cons
  • Won’t suit traditional AM/FM listeners.
  • Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic is a great option if you are looking for a tabletop radio that delivers overall top-notch performance. The manufacturers have made sure to make this unit as convenient as possible. It is up and running in seconds whether you listen to FM/AM broadcast or an internet station.  

    Thanks to the efficient 25-watt amplifier you can expect this unit to deliver a great sound quality. Though it is not the loudest unit on the list it certainly does not compromise on versatility and sheer quality.  

    One of the most unique features of the unit is that it comes with a Qi wireless charging pad which can be used by you to charge your phone. As far as the design of the unit is concerned, it has an attractive wood finish which makes it look very classy. The only problem with this unit is that it comes with too many controls. Using them can get a bit confusing.   

    Overall, the unit comes with some amazing features and does not compromise on quality and performance.  

    3. Avantree SP850– Best Budget  

    Avantree SP850
    • Speaker Frequency range: 90Hz ~ 18 kHz
    • FM Frequency range: 87MHz to 108MHz
    • Charge voltage: 5V–500mA
  • Comes with Bluetooth and SD card playback and auto search
  • It is portable
  • It is easy to use
  • Cons
  • The FM feels a little flimsy
  • The Avantree SP850 is one of the most popular compact tabletop radios. Its small size makes it a perfect option for the kitchen. Measuring only 5.2 x 1.3 x 2.6 inches, the unit is super portable can be carried anywhere with you.  

    It comes with a rechargeable battery. Other than its convenient size the unit comes with user-friendly features like an easy to use manual search and auto scan. It comes with 10 buttons that can be used to save your favorite station. These buttons can also be used as a smart dial that you can use to tune into different stations.  

    The unit is known as a 3 in 1 radio unit as it comes with Bluetooth, auxiliary input and a TF card reader. These features can be very useful for using the unit as a speaker and streaming music from an external source. Though the TF card is not being used much these days, these can be used to save large-sized audiobook files.  

    Overall, this is a great unit that is compact and efficient.  

    4. REVO SuperCD –A Best high-end model  

    REVO SuperCD
    • Display: 2.7 In Graphical Oled
    • Multiroom Enabled With Connectivity
    • 3.5Mm Headphone, Optical Out, Wired Lan, Usb Device Charging
  • Offers great sound quality
  • Comes with several useful features
  • Features a vertically loading CD player
  • Cons
  • It is expensive
  • The REVO SuperCD is not only a good tabletop radio but it also features a vertically-loading CD player. The CD player feature makes this unit very unique. Even though CD players are not being used much these days, nevertheless, this feature makes this unit a great option for people who want a tabletop radio but listen to CDs as well. 

    The tabletop radio comes with all the features you can expect a good radio to have. A few of the features of the unit include simple FM radio, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Spotify Connect, and USB charging. The unit also features an easy to use the app, which is something that is not found in every other model.  

    The unit not only focuses on providing attractive features but is also excellent when it comes to sound quality. The REVO SuperCD offers crystal clear sound quality and effortless detail. This puts it among the radios that come with the best sound quality.  

    Overall, it is an exceptional sound system and is well worth the price it comes at.  

    5. Running Snail NOAA Radio-Most portable  

    Running Snail NOAA
    • Table Lamp & 1W LED Flashlight
    • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
    • SOS Alarm With Flashing Red Light
  • It is portable
  • Offers a great performance
  • Has many charging options
  • Cons
  • Sound quality is average
  • The Running Snail NOAA Radio is a great choice for people who are looking for a radio that can pick up even the emergency broadcasts. To make it short, regardless of whether you are at your front porch, beach, local park or on your sailing boat, this unit will keep chirping all day long. This is because it comes with solar power self-charging. Other than this, the unit can be charged through AAA batteries and hand winding as well. Hand-winding the unit for a minute provides you with 15 minutes of the broadcast.   

    Furthermore, this unit can also be used as a power bank (2000mAh). It comes with a 4-in-1 USB cable with lightning port and 2 micro-USB and 30 pin connections. Other than this, the unit has a very 80s vibe. The frequency tuning is manual and you will be limited to FM/AM bands only. The sound quality of the unit is impressive and it does not offer a lot of audiophile clarity or thundering bass but you can still expect this unit to provide a loud enough background playback. Also, this unit can be very reliable if you live in an area where hurricanes occurrences are frequent.   

    This portable tabletop radio is a decent option with many charging options.  

    6. Como Audio: Duetto-Most Advanced  

    Como Audio
    • Half inch-thick MDF wood case housing
    • Custom Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Qualcomm aptX audio
  • One of the most advanced units available
  • Comes with several connectivity options
  • Offers a decent sound quality
  • Cons
  • It is expensive
  • Como Audio Solo belongs to a newcomer brand in the market and this unit falls on our list for some good reasons. Firstly, the unit comes with the perfect balance of price and features. It is well worth the price and comes with a lot of useful functions. Also, it has a very attractive design.  

    The unit has a single CD slot-loading mechanism’, and plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs. Other than this, it also offers a USB option for those with digital files – it is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC+, WAV FLAC, and ALAC formats. It also comes with a 3.5mm analog input.  

    The unit can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network to offer integrated support for popular services such as Amazon prime music, Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal. Moreover, it offers the decent sound quality, with a particular highlight and a rich midrange. The unit takes the components of the portable unit — a custom 3-inch woofer and a 19mm soft dome tweeter and doubles them. The unit features a 30 watts per channel RMS digital amplifier.  

    Overall, this is a great unit in all aspects and comes with several connectivity options.  

    7. REVO SuperConnect -Most advanced connectivity options  

    REVO SuperConnect
    • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS
    • DLNA Audio Streaming from PC & Mac
    • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming with aptX Technology
  • Comes with digital radio options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Has a very classy design
  • Comes with handy memory slot and remote functions
  • Cons
  • The remote control is pretty bulky
  • The Revo SuperConnect is a tabletop radio that comes with every advanced connectivity option with a traditional looking design. In fact, the unit could’ve been easily mistaken for a simple classic radio if it didn’t feature an attractive black OLED display. The unit comes with various digital radio standards including internet radio, DAB, DAB+, and FM with RDS. The unit also offers Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.  

    Furthermore, it also features useful remote functions and memory slots. It has a great ability to pick and holding steady wireless streams. As compared to similarly priced units on the market, this one offers a pretty decent sound quality. 

    Overall, it is a decent unit that is well worth the price.  

    8. Tivoli Audio Model One Digital –Most convenient  

    Tivoli Audio Model One
    • 3.5mm auxiliary input
    • Connect multiple units or art speakers
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Spotify connect
  • The design is visually appealing
  • It can be expanded to stream to multiple speakers.
  • A terrific update on a classic
  • Cons
  • Distorts at higher volumes
  • The Tivoli Audio Model One Digital is a table-top radio unit that comes with a very unique design. The unit features a simple wooden housing. It comes with a basic, clear display. The unit has several audio listening options, ranging from FM streaming all the way to Spotify. You can easily change the station with the help of the large dial right beside the digital display.  

    The unit does not come with a remote but it can be controlled with the companion app. The unit comes with antennas that can easily be attached to the rear side of the speaker. Other than this, the unit also accompanies power input, 3.5mm input, and a micro USB input.  

    As far as the sound quality of the system is concerned, it offers a better sound quality than what can be expected by such a compact unit. With decibel levels exceeding 110 and a strong bass response, the unit is able to fill a large-sized room.  

    Overall, this unit offers decent performance for its size.  

    9. Roberts Revival iStream 3- Best design  

    Roberts Revival iStream 3
    • Acoustically tuned Retro in Vintage 1950’s style
    • Voice controlled smart speaker
    • Includes colour display with dimmer adjustability
  • Has a trendy design
  • Comes with many connectivity options
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Cons
  • Sound quality isn’t as good
  • Roberts is known for making radios with super cool designs and the Roberts Revival iStream 3  is no exception. The unit comes with various digital radio standards including internet radio, DAB, DAB+, and FM with RDS. The unit also offers Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.  

    It comes with built-in access to streaming services such as Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal. It comes with a volume dial that can be used to turn the radio on and off. Other than this, it features an aux line in and a 3.5mm headphone output, menu, and info buttons and USB input and pairing/mode. It also comes with a dial for source selection and tuning, and buttons for alarm presents and playback.   

    It is a great unit for the price as it comes with a modern design, good build quality, and several connectivity options.   

    10. Sangean WR-50P – Most Versatile  

    Sangean WR-50P
    • Built-in Telescopic FM Rod Antenna
    • Auxiliary Input for Additional Audio Sources
    • Individual Bass and Treble Controls
  • Comes with subwoofer output
  • Features Bluetooth technology
  • Comes with adjustable controls
  • Cons
  • Expensive for its features
  • Last but not least the Sangean WR-50P is a good choice for you if you are looking for an efficient radio on a tight budget. This unit is a complete radio system. Where other models usually feature a single speaker, this one comes with two.  

    The unit offers Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to listen to the music of your choice from different types of music sources. Also, the unit is very easy to set up. It comes with adjustable controls, that are very easy to use.  

    It features separate treble and bass controls which allows you to adjust the sound level according to your desire. It also offers a headphone jack option, which allows you to listen to music privately. Furthermore, it comes with a display dimmer and a subwoofer output. The subwoofer output allows you to connect the unit with a subwoofer.  

    As far as the sound quality of the unit is concerned, the well-made digital signal processing circuitry makes sure that the unit offers clear and crisp sound. Overall, it is a decent unit for the price and it offers good sound quality.  


    All the models that have been mentioned in the list above offer great performance. Yes, they might come with a few cons, but every other product in the market does. The choice should not be difficult for you now as long as you are aware of the important features that most of the surround sound receiver systems today come with. Take the time to compare the various models to find the one that works best for you.  

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